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The Serenity Project: A Masterclass in Phased Home Renovation

Updated: Jun 18

At Harmony Homes, our approach to renovation is characterized by meticulous planning, innovative design, and flawless execution. The Serenity Project exemplifies this approach—a large-scale, phased renovation designed to breathe new life into key areas of a family home. Here’s how we turned vision into reality, focusing on the client’s desire for spaces that are both inviting and modern.

Design Process

Initial Design Consultation (IDC)

The journey began by delving deep into the needs and desires of our clients. For The Serenity Project, this meant overhauling a well-worn kitchen and modernizing three bathrooms. From the outset, our focus was on understanding the functional needs and aesthetic aspirations of our clients, enabling us to tailor our designs to their exact preferences.

Discovery Phase

During this phase, our design team meticulously selected a color palette and materials that matched the client's vision of an inviting and calm atmosphere. This involved several rounds of samples and mood boards, ensuring each choice resonated with the client’s vision and harmonized beautifully with the intended modern touch.


Our attention to detail was critical in the refinement phase. We adjusted the floor plans to include specific client requests such as a substantial island overhang for casual dining and a custom-built mixer lift to enhance kitchen functionality. Our iterative design process involved the client at every step, ensuring their feedback was integrated into the final designs.

Design Presentation

Using cutting-edge 3D rendering technology, we presented our client with a virtual tour of what their new spaces would look like. This presentation was not only about showcasing the final design but also about illustrating how each element and feature would function in their daily lives, ensuring complete satisfaction before moving forward.

Purchasing Appointment

Signifying the end of the design phase, the purchasing appointment was where we finalized all selections and prepared for the transformation phase. Our thorough procurement process ensured all materials and products were of the highest quality, aligning with the project's luxury standards.

Construction Phase

Success Meeting

Before construction began, we held a comprehensive success meeting to align all team members with the project's scope and timeline. This proactive communication ensured that every contractor and supplier was fully informed of their roles and responsibilities, setting the stage for seamless project execution.

Ordering and Scheduling

Our project management excellence was showcased as we coordinated the ordering and logistical scheduling of materials. Timeliness and efficiency were our priorities, ensuring all elements arrived on-site as needed, minimizing downtime and streamlining the construction process.

Construction Begins

As demolition and construction commenced, our project management team was on-site to oversee every detail, from adherence to architectural plans to the meticulous execution of bespoke design elements. Regular updates and meetings with the client ensured transparency and allowed for adjustments as needed.

Final Walkthrough

The project culminated in a detailed final walkthrough, where we meticulously inspected every aspect of the renovation with the client. This was a critical step to guarantee that every finish and feature met our high standards and the client’s expectations.


Final Handoff

With every detail perfected, the final handoff was a celebration of a vision realized. The Serenity Project transformed the client’s house into a bespoke modern home, reflecting their lifestyle and enhancing their daily living.

The Serenity Project stands as a beacon of Harmony Homes’ dedication to transforming living spaces through strategic planning, innovative design, and exceptional execution. Our client-centric approach ensures that each project is a collaborative journey to a dream home, crafted with precision and care.

Inspired by The Serenity Project? Imagine what we could do for your space! Whether you're considering a small update or a complete renovation, our team is here to bring your vision to life with the same dedication and attention to detail. Book your free consultation today and start your own journey to a perfect home. Let’s create something beautiful together!

Stay with us for more updates as The Serenity Project continues to evolve!

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