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From Blueprint to Beautiful.
Harmony Homes is proud to be Better Business Bureau certified.

"The team at Harmony Homes gave us our dream retirement renovation on our family house...and we couldn't be happier. I finally got my open concept white kitchen that I've been wanting for years...looks beautiful and the designers added extra features that we never would have thought of but we love so much. Thanks again!"  

- Abigail Grygier


"Harmony Homes designed our entire house - from blueprint drawings to designing various features to recommending furniture to hanging art work! Everything looks fantastic - I highly recommend HH for all your design and decorating needs!"

- Marty Hesse

"I got to witness Harmony Homes at work when a client introduced me to the team. They were assisting her with plans to remodel a house she was in the process of buying, with me serving as her Realtor. The team worked quickly and thoughtfully, offering multiple ideas and considering solutions before deciding on what best met the client's needs. They made the process accessible and their efficiency was impressive! So much so, that I referred them to two other clients and had the opportunity to see their process from design through to selecting finishes. I was so impressed that I'm now engaging them for my own remodel. Harmony Homes has solved problems that my previous architect couldn’t, found ways to reduce costs while still achieving my vision, and their expertise in kitchen design is invaluable! Their approach is both practical and enjoyable, capable of bringing high-quality ideas to life without pretension, and their pricing is straightforward and fair. Definitely the kind of team you want by your side when tackling something as significant as a home remodel."

- Tricia Mera, Mera Realty Group

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My experience with Harmony Homes was fantastic. They were highly collaborative and responsive throughout our time working together. The HH team was able to take what I wanted to accomplish and could not figure out myself and bring it to life beautifully. We were able to work together on what works budget wise while also accomplishing the vision for the room. I appreciated how they were able to take my feedback and we wound up adjusting the plans a couple times to accommodate what we wanted to do. I highly recommend Harmony Homes!

- Julia M.

"Harmony Homes was able to take the challenge of an older home with limited space and make wonderful stair construction designs that have made me so happy. Their team turned on their creative thinking caps and added to the safety and aesthetics of both sets of stairs. I am so thrilled at the quality and speed with which they worked."

- Alix L.

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