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Say Hello to Harmony Homes: Where Luxury Meets Personality

Updated: Jun 18

Big news from our corner! As the creative mind behind MRN Designs, Michelle Norgren spotted something sparkling on the horizon—a chance to dive deeper into the world of luxury interior design. It's been a thrilling ride since 2020, and we've learned a ton, especially about what makes your hearts beat faster when it comes to home design. Some of you told us you're all in for making your spaces not just beautiful but truly yours, without cutting corners. And we listened.

That's why we're thrilled to unveil Harmony Homes to you. It's MRN Designs, reimagined—with a richer blend of luxury, creativity, and an even stronger commitment to transforming your living spaces into something extraordinary. This evolution is about deepening our dedication to crafting homes that not only dazzle but also embody your unique desires and lifestyle. Harmony Homes is where our passion for design meets your dreams for a home that's truly a cut above.

Michelle says it best: "When dreaming up our new visual vibe, we couldn't help but nod to the timeless chic of Tory Burch and the unmistakable elegance of Hermes. We're talking about a stamp of excellence that's going to leave its mark on everything we do, from throw pillows to wallpapers. It's our seal of sophistication, and we're pledging to make it your new symbol of home luxury."

We're beyond excited to introduce Harmony Homes to you. It's MRN Designs refined, with our heart set on bringing luxury and creativity to every corner of your home. As we embark on this new chapter, we're not just changing our name; we're expanding our horizons to serve you better and bring your dream spaces to life.

Here's what's new at Harmony Homes:

  • In-House Construction: We're thrilled to announce our in-house construction service, ensuring that every aspect of your home's transformation is handled with Harmony Homes' signature care and quality.

  • Custom Wallpapers and Decor Items: Elevate your space with our exclusive range, featuring our sophisticated new emblem.

  • Exclusive Shopping Section on Our Website (Coming soon!)

  • Curated Furniture and Home Decor: Access top-quality pieces from renowned designers, carefully selected for their exceptional style and craftsmanship.

  • One-Stop Destination: Everything you need for a luxe living experience, available at your fingertips.

  • A La Carte Hours: Tailored support for smaller projects, ensuring every detail of your home can shine with elegance and personality.

This evolution is about more than a name change. It's about enriching our commitment to creating spaces where luxury and comfort harmonize beautifully. Welcome to Harmony Homes—where your vision meets our expertise to create something truly spectacular.

We appreciate you for being on this journey with us. Harmony Homes is ready to make luxury personal, and we can't wait for you to be part of it. Here's to new beginnings, unforgettable designs, and spaces that truly feel like home.

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