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Past Projects

Venture through our portfolio where space, beauty, and functionality come together in perfect harmony.

Hesse Lakefront Build

The Hesse Build project took place on a breathtaking lakefront property, nestled on 11 acres of serene forest. MRN Designs brought this vision to life by constructing an expansive 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom cottage that perfectly complements the natural surroundings. Step inside, and prepare to be captivated by the stunning views of the lake that greet you from every angle. As you explore the property further, a charming guest house awaits at the end of a trail, thoughtfully equipped with all the amenities that friends and family may need for a comfortable stay. The Hesse Build project embodies our commitment to creating harmonious and inviting spaces that seamlessly blend with their idyllic surroundings, providing a truly unforgettable retreat!

Hesse Exterior.jpeg

Sutton House

MRN Designs undertook a remarkable project, completely transforming a house that was plagued by brown shag carpeting and an unpleasant odor that greeted visitors even before opening the door. Through expertise and meticulous attention to detail, our team turned the space into a bright and welcoming home. The end result surpassed expectations, featuring a dream kitchen and a light-filled interior. The dramatic contrast between the initial state and the final outcome serves as a testament to our ability to breathe new life into spaces, creating beautifully designed homes that inspire and delight.

Tremont Street Flip

Prepare to be amazed by the transformation of the Tremont Flip project! This house had seen much better days until MRN Designs stepped in and breathed new life into it. With our expertise, we completely revitalized the space, including fixing the awkward layout on the second floor and even adding a half bath. During the demolition process, a stunning brick was uncovered, which MRN Designs incorporated into the design, becoming a captivating feature. The Tremont Flip project showcases our ability to turn dated and neglected spaces into beautifully redesigned homes that capture the imagination and leave a lasting impression!

20-Hall _ Half Bath.jpg

Jefferson Duplex

MRN Designs undertook an extensive renovation project on an investment property that was in major disrepair, including extensive termite damage that necessitated the complete removal of the kitchen floor. The remarkable before-and-after photos showcase the dramatic transformation, highlighting the meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions our team used. From revitalizing the structural integrity to creating captivating interior spaces, this project is a testament to our ability to turn challenging properties into beautiful and functional spaces that exceed expectations.

The Ghostlight Theatre

In 2019, MRN Designs undertook an extraordinary transformation of a long-forgotten warehouse, turning it into The Ghostlight Theatre, a vibrant hub for the performing arts.


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