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Introducing the Derince Iron Chandelier, a breathtaking fusion of industrial chic and timeless elegance, designed to illuminate and elevate your living space. Available in both large and small sizes, this striking chandelier is the epitome of statement lighting.


Crafted from sturdy black metal iron, the Derince Chandelier showcases a captivating open orb design that commands attention in any room. Its intersecting geometric sphere pattern adds depth and visual interest, creating a mesmerizing focal point that captivates the eye.


Each of the six light sockets features a candle drip look, reminiscent of traditional candlelit chandeliers, infusing your space with a warm, inviting glow. The hardwired installation includes a 6-foot chain, allowing for customizable hanging heights to suit your ceiling height and design preferences.


Designed for use with E12 40-watt bulbs, the Derince Iron Chandelier effortlessly blends form and function, casting a soft, ambient light that enhances the ambiance of your living room, dining area, or foyer.


Available in two sizes to accommodate different spaces, the large Derince Chandelier measures 36 inches in width, 36 inches in depth, and 38 inches in height, while the small size boasts dimensions of 30 inches in width, 30 inches in depth, and 30 inches in height.


Elevate your interior decor with the bold sophistication of the Derince Iron Chandelier. Whether you're looking to make a statement in a grand foyer or add a touch of drama to your dining room, this exquisite lighting fixture is sure to leave a lasting impression. Transform your space with the Derince Chandelier today.

Derince Iron Chandelier

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